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Day Spa for Women New Jersey’s 6 equally trained aestheticians and massage therapists are available for booking of any skin care face and body services on a daily basis.

We recommend that you book your appointments in advance in order to receive the preferred date, time and therapist for your services.
For spa appointment reservations please call 1 (201)-592-6990

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Please arrive 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled facial or waxing services, and at least 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled body treatment. If you are running late, for your appointment, please notify us of the delay and we will do our best to accommodate you. In consideration of clients’ schedules, all service visits shall conclude on-time (please understand that if you arrive late, your service shall finish at previously scheduled time)

Day Spa for Women New Jersey Service

Body Treatments
Massage therapy has become an important part of general health care for many people living in today’s stressful world.
Traditional healthcare systems throughout the world recognize that therapeutic massage can play an important role in treating illness or chronic  ailments, and contribute to a higher sense of general well-being.

Each Body Treatment or full hour Massage at Day Spa for Women New Jersey include 1 hour complimentary access to Hydro-Therapy Spa amenities

Begin with 15-20 minute steam and sauna followed by a 60 minute massage consisting of various massage techniques to cater to your body’s specific needs, and you are welcomed to steam and sauna after your treatment as well

The standard treatment is Swedish massage, designed to relax with long, rhythmic strokes. For a higher fee, opt for a combination of treatments, including deep tissue, reflexology and hot stone massage Swedish Massage – This relaxing type of massage, which stimulates the tissues through kneading and long strokes, stretching, and percussion, is excellent for easing pain, reducing swelling, and increasing circulation.

Massage time 60 min.
Deep Tissue / Sports Massage – This very popular massage is useful in soothing muscle spasms and relieving pain at reflex areas, stress points in tendons, and trigger points in muscles.

Massage time 60 min.
Foot Reflexology – Foot Reflexology is the skilled massage of very specific zones in the feet, which correspond to organs and other parts of the body. By massaging these reflex areas, blockages are released, tensions are eased, and the body’s capacity to heal itself is greatly enhanced. In addition to being a wonderful and deeply relaxing foot massage, Reflexology is in fact very deep therapy with a remarkable impact on the health of internal organs and circulation.

Usual time 30 min
Hot Stone Massage with Chakra Gemstones

Massage time 75 min.

History of the Finnish Sauna
For nearly two thousand years, the sauna has been an essential part of life in Finland. The Finns are true to their traditions of sauna bathing. In today‚s modern world, many people are now also using saunas and enjoying the many benefits they have to offer. Conventional saunas are designed to heat the room up to very high temperatures. This in turn opens clogged pores through perspiration and sweat, emitting harmful toxins that are captured in the skin.

Using the Sauna
The body‚s natural way to cleanse itself is through
perspiration. The sauna‚s high temperature (average 180°F) and low humidity (25%) create an environment that promotes overall perspiration, which flushes away impurities and deep cleanses the pores. This special combination of high heat and low humidity soothes and relaxes tired muscles, relieves stress, and promotes a wonderful feeling of well-being. During a sauna, circulation, rate of breathing, and pulse rate increase. Ten minutes in the sauna is comparable to doing ten minutes of aerobic activity.

Benefits of Sauna
Relieves pain and stiffness from arthritis
Beautifies, cleanses, and clears skin and complexion
Helps to burn calories and lose weight
Relieves muscular aches and pains
Sharpens senses
Boosts immune and cardiovascular systems
Eliminates harmful toxins trapped in the skin
Relieves stress and anxieties
Revitalizes the mind and body
Energizes the body

Cellulite Treatments
Treatments with the GX-99 Endermatherapie Vibratory System
Treatments with the GX-99 Endermatherapie Vibratory System and the exclusive Toning and Sculpting Cream help fight and eliminate cellulite. Cellulite is a clinical condition found in almost all women. Cellulite is characterized by: Clumping and aggregation of fat cells Loss of capillary networks in the skin Thinning of the connective tissue “Orange peel” or “cottage cheese” dimpling appearance of skin

Key Benefits
Improves circulation/nutrition to joints Lessens inflammation in joints Enhances relaxation and better sleep
Alleviates pain and stiffness Reduces swelling following injury Promotes detoxification

Benefits for Reducing Body Fat
Useful in firming body contours Helps mobilize and eliminate long established fat deposits and subcutaneous fat Reduces fat deposits connected with poor circulation Bursts fat capsules in subcutaneous tissue so fat becomes absorbed in blood stream and lymph

Benefits for Skin
Improves skin texture and elasticity Enhances removal of waste products Increases secretion of natural oils Exfoliates and creates soft, supple skin Reduces risk of bacterial infection Helps delay new wrinkles and diminishes skin growths and imperfections

Benefits for Muscle Tissue
Rehabilitation: Speeds recovery from injuries Relieves fatigue and hastens elimination of lactic acid Relaxes spasms and tense muscles Keeps muscles in good tone Helps prevent muscular atrophy

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